Microsoft To-Do finally gets dark theme

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No, not the list of things Microsoft needs to do (that's quite long!), but another of the regular (every fortnight) updates for Microsoft To-Do, the cross-platform, cross-device task and project manager that's becoming more and more useful as time goes on. In this update, the welcome arrival of support for a dark mode. AMOLED-screen phone users will be cheering - I know I am.

The official changelog is:

  • Introducing Dark Theme! Just head to your app Settings where you’ll have the choice to select the new dark theme. We hope you’ll find it as easy on the eyes as we do. 
  • We’ve made it easier to create recurring to-dos. With this update, the option to repeat a to-do is always visible in the detail view.
  • To-dos in shared lists are now included in Suggestions, so you’ll have a better overview of all your to-dos when planning your day.

Here's the new version, v1.34.1806 (up from v1.33.x) in action:


Dark theme is in and works brilliantly. For me, this transforms the application in terms of pleasure using the interface on my AMOLED-screened phones.


Dark themed content, all working well and (right) repeating to-dos are easy to set up  - perfect for routine tasks, as here.

You can grab Microsoft To-Do here in the Store, if you haven't already. As mentioned before, this is shaping up to be a pretty powerful tool/service and I'll be diving into more depth with it in due course.