Redstone 5, Phone work points to...?

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Not directly Windows 10 Mobile-related, but definitely of interest, WBI has discovered that the very latest Redstone 5 builds of Windows 10 now have the full Phone UWP application enabled. In fact, you have the exact same application on your Windows 10 phone already, since the update was pushed a few days ago. So... imagine the exact same application on a folding Windows 10 device, etc. We know that Project Andromeda/Surface Mobile has been pushed back to next year now - probably. But the continuing work on the Phone UWP application in the context of the latest Windows 10 builds have got to mean something, right?

From the WindowsBlogItalia article:

For years there has been talk of the possibility of phoning from PCs and tablets equipped with a SIM card  but no native phone function has ever arrived on Windows 10. With the latest builds of Windows 10 Redstone 5 and 19H1 it would seem like something is moving.

Until the April 2018 Update update, the Phone app only showed call history and favorites , making the app meaningless even though it already exists in the desktop operating system.

With Redstone 5 and 19H1, Microsoft also introduced the numeric keypad needed to make calls from Windows 10 PCs and tablets just like on Windows 10 Mobile.


As for the mobile counterpart, the system is perfectly integrated in the Windows 10 address book . Typing a number will search the contacts.

The features of this version are as follows:

  • Make voice calls and video calls via the cellular network or Wi-Fi.
  • Are you tired of looking for the right number in the contacts? Just start typing a phone number and the Smart Dial feature will automatically search for the corresponding entries in your address book.
  • Listen to voice messages and manage them directly from the call app without having to dial the voicemail number.
  • Eliminate unwanted calls by blocking contacts from the call history.

We're moving into a world of different form factors, of eSIMs, and flexibility. It's looking like the LTE version of the Surface Go may well be able to make and receive phone calls, at least, later this year. Which will be very much reviewing. And who knows, a revived ARM-based Andromeda early in 2019?

Source / Credit: WBI