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A slightly fancy title for a utilitarian editor, but hey, it's a nicely done UWP application that will appeal to anyone keen on writing in 'Markdown', a way of creating rich text within a plain text environment, with the advantage of utter portability and easy conversion to HTML. It's a little niche, but there's an elegance to it all that appeals to me.

From the minimalist Store description:

Markdown Editor is an app that allows to create, edit and view markdown files and content. Expect the best native markdown editing experience that will keep getting better over time!

There's a promise of more features in the future and a 'premium pass' to buy these ahead of time, but I'd settle for getting rid of the ads, which is a trivial 79p in the UK Store. Here's Markdown Editor - Write Beautifully UWP in action on my Lumia 950 XL:


Writing in Markdown. It's a mark up langauage with subtleties that allows it to be both fully readable in plain text form and yet coded/tagged up for conversion into other 'rich' systems.


The Preview function lets you see the 'rendered' form of your plain text Markdown. This is only a trivial example, Markdown does go quite a bit further. You can save your Markdown documents into local or cloud filenames, of course.


There's good built-in help, reminding you of the exact form that rich elements should take in terms of spacing and brackets.

You can grab Markdown Editor - Write Beautifully UWP in the Store here, for any Windows 10 device, including phones and hybrids. Somewhat specialist, but I like it!

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