Keeping things simple - QR Code Light Scanner UWP

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QR scanner utilities have blossomed rather since the functionality was taken from the default Camera application for Windows 10 Mobile. Which is OK, since QR scanning is somewhat niche - it never really caught on in the all-consuming way one might suppose. In 2018, QR codes are the preserve of tickets, promotional material and museum artefacts, on the whole. Still, this is a super little UWP utility that decodes QR codes instantly and simply.

Here's QR Code Light Scanner UWP in action:


The application opens to the camera viewfinder and any QR codes in view are instantly decoded and displayed, ready to tap on to (in this case) launch in Edge.


The '...' menu hasn't got much in it, but you do get this history log of stuff you've scanned, which could be useful. There's also (not shown) the ability to scan codes from photos you took earlier.

Super simple, just point, scan and tap (if needed)! You can find QR Code Light Scanner UWP in the Store here.

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