UWP becomes Tik Tok UWP

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So there i was with UWP in my review to-do list. But I'd been putting it off - it's a looped video social network, centred around teenagers around in the world doing silly - and occasionally arty - things, and absolutely not my cup of tea. Or probably yours. But it seems that, though still in the Store, has been bought out by rival video community Tik Tok and the UWP application from was used as the basis for the Tik Tok UWP application shown here.

From the Store description:

Tik Tok is a 3rd party application, global video community powered by music. Tik Tok allows you to view shared videos, it’s dance, free-style or performance. Tik Tok is a best choice on the Windows 10 to view hot, exciting videos.

  • Load instantly, smooth interface, and lag free.
  • Every detail displayed in perfect quality.
  • Easy to search Users, Sound or Hashtag. 

You'll note that this is very much a browser for Tik Tok ( content - fun enough, though should you feel the need to sign in and upload your own dance moves (I know, I know) then you can't do this within this Tik Tok client. Still, it's entertaining enough to flick from loop to loop and occasionally posting an encouraging comment:


Two of the classier examples of recently uploaded content. Each video loop (typically 15 seconds or so) has to be accompanied by audio, usually music, and there are some good, inventive loops on offer. Along with a lot of rubbish, too!


The interface is basic and seemingly ported to some degree, with unnecessary borders around the main content. There are no menus, nothing to identify this as a Windows application. But the main browsing controls work, you can tap through to view comments, download the original video, and more. You just can't sign in to add stuff (or comments) of your own.

So yes, very much a viewer. You can grab Tik Tok UWP in the Store here. If you (see what I did there?) have to!

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