Doodle Cricket PWA is surprisingly addictive

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OK, so it's Friday, so a game spot is fair enough. In this case it's a PWA, a Progressive Web Application, that runs in Edge. OK, so it's not ground-breaking in terms of gameplay, but it's a fun casual knock - can you beat your own high score?

The URL to tap on or type is Of course, you can turn this into an 'app' yourself with PAWA or just pin it 'as is' on your Start screen. It's up to you.

Here's Doodle Cricket in action. As with many other single button casual games, it's addictive in that there's always time for 'just one more go':


It's a full game delivered over a web page, thanks to PWA and its associated tech (javascript, caching, HTML5, etc.) One button plays your shot and it's all about timing.


The snails bowling at you mix it up in terms of spin, seam and pace, so no two shots ever need the exact same timing - try it, it's fun. Here I am hitting a six! And (right) being bowled out. Oops.

Source / Credit: Appscope