Neutron Music Player updated, now works on IDOL 4 Pro

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Following my pretty positive review of Neutron Music Player here, I'm pleased to report that development of this UWP application for all Windows 10 devices has continued apace, with a huge changelog reported below. Best of all, the application now works fine on the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro - which is excellent considering the big stereo speakers and high DAC quality in this non-Microsoft device.

Although the IDOL 4 Pro isn't mentioned in the changelog, the reworking of the code for the new release has meant that the UI now works fine on the IDOL 4 Pro, responding to taps and swipes as it should (and as it did on the Lumias). 

Here's the full changelog for v2.6.1:


  •  Hi-Res Audio (also enabled DSD over PCM): option Audio Hardware -> Exclusive Mode;
  •  Playlists -> Recently Played;
  •  per channel Phase Inversion;
  •  COMMENT tag of Vorbis (OGG, FLAC). 
  •  Audio Hardware -> Channels: special volume matrix (X/Y-Way) for 5.1/7.1 output;
  •  Album-Artist/Composer tag support for UPnP/DLNA sources;
  •  Remove action for all track groups (Artist, Composer, Album, ...);
  •  Indonesian, Malay languages;
  •  Speaker icon in Playing Now screen (left-top corner) to invoke volume controller;
  •  long press Speaker icon to make gain controller persistent;
  •  keyboard keys Up/Down - list scrolling, Left/Right - screens switching.


  •  Light/Grey themes (Reset them to see changes);
  •  speed of changing tracks of network source;
  •  improved network source check on process start;
  •  show volume meter if AGP is switched off;
  •  relaxed max texture size for network source to max 32 MB (was 16 MB);
  •  Normalization handling.


  •  crash during scanning;
  •  Compressor UI;
  •  album's year shown instead of track's in track properties;
  •  >2 channels not saved for STA DSP;
  •  media controls not working on Window 10 PC in the small app view on task bar;
  •  Streaming -> Icecast directory endless loading progress if Internet connection is missing;
  •  reading playlist file opened externally which contains tracks with absolute path.

Note that the new 'exclusive' playback option is for Desktop only, i.e. only the standard existing hi-res audio modes work on Mobile, though these are already excellent, especially on the IDOL 4 Pro.


You can buy or update Neutron Music Player in the Store here.

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