Extreme mic testing, round 1

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AAS and AAWP reader Korben Dallas is on a mission to test smartphone microphones with a finely tuned musician's ear. In this, round 1 of mic testing, he throws the Lumia 950 into the mix with a bunch of Android smartphones. In round 2, yet to come, he'll introduce the classic Lumia 1020 and maybe the older Nokia 808.

Korben notes:

Retro flagship armada.

The droids were recorded in 44k 128kbps wave files in AudioRec (trial mode)

The 950 with Willem Bos' great Sound Recorder Hi-Res.

Also testing its 4 mic'ed big brother 1520 but can't imagine ever using a phablet sized device. The 1520s siblings 920 and 930 should have similar audio performance but no SD card slot or removable battery.

Note 4 and the old Nokia 808 are also under consideration as final contenders.

As usual with video embeds, maximise or click through, especially as the comments by Korben are in text form and you'll need to read them, etc:

In summary, the Sony Xperia Z3 had better fidelity but at the expense of very low signal (boosted in the video). Having done my own mic testing in the past, I'd put the original Lumia 1020 (with Windows Phone 8.1, at least) as top of the tree in this company, so I'm hoping that Korben gets to that next. The best audio of all is possibly the new Ozo-equipped Android-powered Nokias - hopefully these will get tested as well.