Tankobon UWP is your Manga comic viewer

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Manga comics are definitely 'a thing', even if not perhaps in Western culture. Regardless, plenty of them have English translations, and now there's a Manga comic browser for Windows 10 Mobile, so you can take your stories with you.

From the Store description:

Keep up with your favorite manga from your PC, tablet or smartphone! For your favorite series, Tankobon tracks what chapters you've read and periodically checks and notifies you of new ones.

Tankobon is a Universal App and is designed to look consistent with Windows 10's native media apps. It uses your chosen accent color throughout the UI and has a transparent tile to look good on Windows mobile 10's home screen.

Tankobon respects your privacy: the app doesn't display ads and doesn't track you in any way.

The UI is thankfully minimalist and fits in well with (e.g.) dark themes. The comic pages themselves are graphics but can't be zoomed in, so people with larger screened phones (Lumia 950 XL, IDOL 4 Pro) will be at an advantage here:


You can browse popular Manga sources, by title and language. Here I've picked an English-translated title at random... (right) Tap to read it and then step through the pages by swiping...


The blue bar at the top isn't your progress through the comic, it's the preload status, i.e. the progress of Tankobon in reading ahead and pre-loading the graphics for future pages - ultimately, it's all aimed at making swiping to the next page instant; (right) tap a page and you get navigation controls, here showing page forward and back, along with the start and end of the comic.

You can grab Tankobon here in the Store. It's free.

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