MediBot: Virus Plague - Universe Pandemic UWP is scarily hard

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Yes, MediBot: Virus Plague - Universe Pandemic  is the full game title and it's scarily hard. Or maybe you just have to be a qualified doctor to understand what's going on? Either way, you match up viruses to their vaccines - hopefully. And thus progress....

From the Store description:

Year 2148: the end of the world is near. Humanity is at risk of extinction, viruses to survive are mutating, making our vaccines ineffective. Millions of people are already dead.

To contain the pandemic, United Nations  founded a new secret clinic: MediBot Inc. This clinic is specialized in producing compound vaccines using genetic engineering that can neutralize multiple unknown viruses at the same time. 

Now, within each hospital, doctors and scientists are able to do a medical diagnosis more effectively,  fight the spread of the pandemic and treat diseases.

  • innovative gameplay that allows the player to simulate the role of a doctor, analyzing the clues available in each dossier. The doctor will need to understand which vaccine administer to patients to stop the epidemic 
  • unlimited unknown virus generation to guarantee endless fun
  • biomedical strategy simulator and high strategy medic investigation games with clues about pathogen behavior, symptoms of existing viruses, symptoms in patients
  • different difficulty levels.  At advanced levels, virus inside the pandemic game can evolve from more pathogens and create a real plague infection

And here's the stylish but freakishly hard Medibot game in action:


Studying for a medical degree? You'll be at home here. Not studying for the same? You'll feel like you are!


Terrific production values, but I'm still none the wiser about what's going on and how to proceed - my successes were more luck than judgment!

If this makes sense to you then grab the game in the Store here.

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