Wikini UWP is the latest Wikipedia solution for Windows 10

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Wikipedia clients for Windows 10 Mobile have had something of a chequered past, with onePedia, my previous favourite, now no longer available in the Store. But there are other options, with Wikini detailed below. Do you really need an application? Well, not really, since Wikipedia works very well in the Edge browser. But this only allows a traditional black on white view, which can be quite a power drain when doing lots of reading. A good client, such as Wikini here, benefits you with a 99% dark experience plus you gain article history, text-to-speech, and much more.

From the minimalist Store description:

Wikini is the unofficial app for Wikipedia on Windows 10. Search for articles and read them right inside in the app. Use the table of contents to jump directly to the desired section.

You can also switch to a different language of the article. These are only a few of the features Wikini has to offer!

Here's Wikini UWP in action on my Lumia 950:

Screenshot, Wikini for WikipediaScreenshot, Wikini for Wikipedia

Wikini opens up to a search box with quick matching, which is usually what you want - articles are loaded quickly and with a priority on text content, though graphics load in the background and do appear afterwards. And it's all dark, so great on the eyes and battery!

Screenshot, Wikini for WikipediaScreenshot, Wikini for Wikipedia

Graphics are presented as thumbnails, tap any to bring them up in usual Wikipedia style, with caption; (right) the only exception to the 'all dark' rule, for some obscure reason, is this rendering of the main Wikipedia 'home' page for the day. 

Screenshot, Wikini for WikipediaScreenshot, Wikini for Wikipedia

Within articles, tapping on the bottom of screen TOC (Table Of Contents) control brings up this hypertext index - very handy for longer articles! (right) the three most useful Settings/toggles and a font size adjuster, so you can read at whatever your eyes are most comfortable with...

Screenshot, Wikini for WikipediaScreenshot, Wikini for Wikipedia

One lovely feature is that Wikini can read any article out loud, thanks to text-to-speech in Windows 10. Just select it from the '...' menu and then listen and step through as needed!

You can grab Wikini here in the Store. It shows as free with in-app-purchases, but I haven't found the latter yet, so maybe this really is a labour of love by the developer. It's certainly been through plenty of updates, with a dozen since mid-2017.

Source / Credit: Store