Is the Cosmo the Nokia Communicator reborn?

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Last year saw Planet Computers bring back the spirit of Psion and the Nokia Communicators in their Gemini, reviewed here. But there were loads of caveats for the modern era: no NFC, no external camera or screen, no key backlight - these have all been addressed in the Gemini's successor, the Cosmo, now launched on Indiegogo.

Here's the video with everything you need to know, anyway:

And the Indiegogo page where you can sign up (for delivery mid-2019) is here. Note that it got to its funding goal almost immediately and that there are almost 800 people in the queue ahead of you as I write this. Prices start at $549 (£421)...

This does look much more convincing than the Gemini, plus all the teething troubles with the Gemini keyboard will hopefully have been sorted out now.

If there's a modern equivalent to the old Nokia 9500 and 9300 then this is it. Heck, whereas the Gemini's full title was 'Gemini PDA', this one is the 'Cosmo Communicator'. Top stuff, and I can't wait to try it!