The Lumia 950-defeating Pixel 3 reviewed on video

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OK, it's a fair cop and a shameless bit of promotion for my Phones Show channel - but with the new Pixel 3 having bested (by a nose) the Lumia 950 in the single-lensed imaging stakes, I thought you'd be interested in seeing a full review of the new 'pure Google' phone. The smaller and cheaper '3' is the one to get, if you're wondering, since the camera systems are the same - and watch out for the phrase 'my beloved Lumia 950' at least once in the soundtrack. Cough.

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OK, enough self-promotion, here's the review. Could this be your jumping off point onto Android? It certainly makes a sensible sidestep from the (smaller) Lumia 950....

PS. Watch this space for a shootout between the mighty Nokia 808 and Lumia 1020 against this new Android imaging powerhouse!

Source / Credit: Youtube