Rar Zip Extractor Pro UWP is polished and professional

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There are quite a few unarchivers and compressors (and so on) for all platforms, of course. Even humble Windows 10 Mobile. But this one's new, targetting perhaps the Windows 10 desktop but also working well on the phone.

From the Store description:

Use Rar Zip Extractor Pro for packing and unpacking files without any difficulties!

Rar Zip Extractor Pro supports all popular formats that allows you to create and extract archives in such formats like 7z, ZIP, RAR, CAB, TAR, ISO and others. Using this perfect tool you'll be able to work with multivolume archives, unpack whole archives and selected files, create and extract password protected archives. Moreover, the app has automatic unpacking feature!

Get the highest compression ratio for your files! Start to pack and unpack with Rar Zip Extractor Pro!

Here's Rar Zip Extractor Pro UWP in action:


A simple four button interface suffices for most archiving/unarchiving tasks... (right) here I've used the OneDrive integration to grab a test archive and am about to open it up.


The archive's contents are shown and then it's up to you where to extract all or some of the contents. Here (right) I chose a local folder. All files were unpacked successfully.


Confirmation in Windows 10 File Explorer of the newly extracted files; (right) banner ads are shown multiple times in the interface - it's £2.50 to get rid of them, though note that it's not a one-time thing, it's a quarterly subscription...

The use of a subscription model probably won't bother you if you find yourself using the tool a lot, but as an ad-hoc archiver/de-archiver, I think I'd rather have a one time amount to zap the ads forever and support the developer, but without some recurring payment which will kick in when I'm not expecting it. If the developer's listening, make it an option, i.e. offer £2.50 per three months OR a one-off £6.00 (say) to remove ads forever. That sounds about right!

You can grab Rar Zip Extractor Pro UWP here in the Store.

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