Why Windows Phone failed (video)

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The Business Casual YouTube channel has an interesting video up at the moment, with an overview of what went wrong for Windows Phone and, by extension, Nokia. Going from the Symbian glory years (60% market share for half a decade) through the belated launch of Windows Phone, through to the end of support for 8.1, the video is well worth a watch.

There are things missed and not covered, as you'd expect in a 10 minute video - not least the transformation of the titular platform to Windows 10 Mobile and the rolling in with Microsoft's desktop plans. And Symbian's eventual intended successor, Meego, is not even mentioned. But put that aside, for this still gives an excellent overview of the industry over a turbulent decade.

As usual with embedded videos, if you want to watch it larger then click through to YouTube or maximise:

The main blame for Windows Phone's ultimate failure (and thus Nokia's) is laid at Microsoft's feet for wanting too much control and alienating their manufacturing partners. Which is part of the story, though see here for my own take on the decade.

Source / Credit: YouTube