GPXTracker UWP manages your off-road adventures

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Here's a nice new UWP app for all Windows 10 devices, including phones, that creates and opens GPX track files. Typically saved during hiking and cycling across open ground, these files let you either retrace your (or someone else's) steps, or just plot your adventures for posterity/fun. (via MyAppFree, though I think it's normally free anyway?)

From the Store description:

Follow tracks downloaded from internet (Strava, OpenRunner, …) and create your own using GPXTracker.

GPXTracker allows you get statistics about the loaded GPX (elevation, length, …) and about your current course.

Here's GPXTracker UWP in action:


Track data, map, bottom of screen controls and (here) the '...' menu popped up. This is a very mature and fully featured utility; (right) toggling the map to Satellite mode....


Out on a real world track (if only AAWP could fund a real hiking trip to Europe...!) and showing two of the three map modes.

You can grab GPXTracker UWP in the Store here.

Source / Credit: Store