Backup for Instagram UWP does what it says on the tin...

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You've got to love a good archiving tool like this - Backup for Instagram does exactly what it claims - it grabs all images on your Instagram account in one go and downloads them to your phone in the folder of your choice.

From the Store description:

Backup for Instagram - Convenient tool for the fastest and easiest Instagram backup!

This is a perfect tool for those who want to back up own Instagram memories before deleting an account, save posts of favorite superstars, famous people, interesting blogs, and much more. Very convenient, secure and without downloading limits .

Backup for Instagram lets you download all photos & videos that were ever posted to Instagram. Just search for the desired account by username or move on via the direct link. 

The era of screenshots and manual downloads rests in the past with wonderful Backup for Instagram! Get started now!

Here's the app in action. Although you can search for and grab ANY account's photos (ahem, I wonder whether this breaches any terms and conditions?) in similar automated fashion, I've concentrated on personal backup, as the title of the app suggests:


Very simple - just sign in and hit 'Backup' - it's slick and fast...


Progress is indicated with this UI dial - though a busier account would have more than 10 images, of course! (I've always been a bit sniffy about Instagram as an image gallery to the world because of resolution limits in the past.) (Right) you're prompted to open the chosen download folder - here you can see all the downloaded JPG files. Very cool!!

You can grab this in the store here, for phone or desktop, as needed, it's a full UWP application for Windows 10. It's also totally free as far as I can see!

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