Cube Wars Battle Survival UWP - fast but hard!

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First person shooters are always a little exhilarating on phones - fast and fluid FPS isn't always a given on a small screen and with fewer computing resources available. Especially on Windows 10 Mobile, where even the newest hardware is the best part of three years old now. Cube Wars Battle Survival is a new UWP game that is very responsive - yet also very difficult, it's pitched at experienced gamers, leaving me yearning for a 'beginner' mode!

From the Store description:

Enjoy 5 exciting games modes full of non-stop, action-packed 3D shooter fun!

Vehicle DefenseRace through the streets as you man a turret, blasting every vehicle that is in pursuit. Fend off attacks by enemies who are using everything in their arsenal to take you down, from assault rifles to rocket launchers. 

AssaultTake to the streets as you run and gun down enemies in huge sprawling 3D environments. But don’t think it will be easy, the enemies are fast, cunning and trigger happy. Plus, they have a tank! Luckily, you have an assortment of weapons at your disposal.

Sniper DefenseIt has been said that all legendary snipers can hold their position against waves of ruthless enemies. The golden rule in Sniper Defense Mode: If it moves, shoot it!

Battle RoyaleThe ultimate survival mode where your only objective is to live. In this mode, you have no place to run and no place to hide. Your only option is to face the waves of enemies head on. Do what it takes to get to the next wave.

Mission ModeWhen you’re in the battlefield, all that matters is the objective. A good soldier always completes the mission, and nothing can beat the hound pounding fun and action of Mission Mode. Each objective is exciting, and you will get to blast so baddies while you are at it too.

As far as I can see there aren't any in app purchases - it seems to be monetised through you watching video ads (typically for Candy Crush) in order to earn the in-game currency. These take 30 seconds each but are same-y enough that I wish there was a way to progress a bit faster through a small IAP. It's all about balance. (If I've missed how to buy currency then please comment below!)

Here's Cube Wars Battle Survival UWP in action on my Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro:


Five playing modes, each quite different but using the same UI and game world modelling. Note that on the phone screens the 4th and 5th game modes aren't obvious - you have to swipe over to reveal them!


In Assault mode, heading towards a guard. Take aim and fire! The left joystick controls movement, the right one direction, plus you can also drag the veiw around on the touchscreen.


In Vehicle Defense mode, 'tail gunner', etc. Swing left and right and keep firing, all the while the road recedes at 60mph!


Working my way up slowly to newer and more powerful weapons. Note the 'Free cubes' button - this always goes to a video ad, but does gradually increase your currency standing.


In Mission mode, you're told what to do next, which does help as a beginner!


Working from area to area in Mission mode, think Doom, but with blocky guns, surroundings and bad guys! The orange thing on the left is part of an 8-bit animated blocky frame - it looks better in the game!!

You can grab Cube Wars Battle Survival UWP in the Store here. Have the developers pitched this just right or is it in fact too hard for beginners? (Or I might just be rubbish at this sort of title!)

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