Flights Radar UWP gets cockpit opacity control

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A couple of months ago I reported on a huge update to Flights Radar UWP, but the developer is continuing to tweak this popular Windows 10 application. New in today's update are a slider to control cockpit opacity, plus an option to ignore planes on the ground (helps at airports!)

Here's the quoted changelog:

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Updated the underlying .net version
  • User can now hide all aircraft on ground, so the airport will show less planes there
  • New approarch to hide the cockpit view in cockpit view via a slider to change the opacity

And here's the new version in action:


The new Settings toggle, making it easier to see just take-offs and landings, plus airport detail; (right) tracking a UK internal flight just after takeoff - let's now tap the cockpit view control...


The real time simulated cockpit view now has a slider, so you can go from full cockpit to (almost) full view or any overlaid combination. It's up to you!

You can download Flights Radar UWP here in the Store. I suggest you pay the small in-app-purchase to get rid of the ads (I did!) and to support the developer,if you haven't already, plus you can chat to him on Facebook here

Source / Credit: Store