Perfect Recorder UWP offers more audio and upload options

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Windows 10's Voice Recorder is barebones and functional, but if you want to go further then it's worth taking a look at Perfect Recorder UWP, which offers a variety of sample rates and various upload options.

From the Store description:

Recording has never been easier! An audio recorder and player application with advance playback controls and amazing user interface. Record your ideas, reminders, notes, emails, dictations, lists, meetings, classes & entire lectures...

  • Easy to record, Pause record and Resume.
  • Record in lock screen.
  • Shake to start Record option.
  • Great visual interface.
  • Upload to Onedrive
  • Password protected your voices.

Here's Perfect Recorder UWP in action:


Setting the app up - there are half a dozen sample rates to choose from. Note the OneDrive sign in, this enables one tap upload/backup, once authenticated; (right) Recording in progress, you can pause/resume, stop and put in 'lap' markers (which appear visually when playing back in the app)...


Saving to wider storage in the phone, uploading to OneDrive, it's all quite flexible; (right) not much to see on the main menu. Note that 'pin' here is 'pin to start', not to be confused with putting a PIN or password on your recordings!

You can grab this in the Store here. There's an in-app-purchase to get rid of ads, if you want to support the developer.

Source / Credit: Store