The $100 Lapdock, but will it even get made?

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Lapdocks have big potential, I argued yesterday, in my look at Continuum versus DeX. However, no sooner had I plugged the potential production of the $300 Mirabook than another lapdock comes along. At a third the price. The downside is that this is on Indiegogo and it doesn't look like it's going to get enough backers to actually get made. Still, where there's smoke, there's fire, eventually someone's going to make a lapdock that both exists and is affordable, both at the same time!

Here's the Indiegogo promotional video, note that it's all very low key and not terribly glossy - which is partly why there hasn't been much interest, the promo doesn't exude the sort of 'we've got all bases covered' confidence that attracts serious buyers. Or maybe the concept just isn't attractive to many people other than myself!

Although Windows 10 Mobile phones like the Lumia 950 and 950 XL (and Elite x3 and IDOL 4 Pro) aren't mentioned, I'm 99% confident that if this gets made then the Windows phone will work with it - in my tests, Microsoft's Continuum and Samsung's DeX accessories are 100% interoperable.

From the promo page:

Here is the ultimate Lapdock, crowdfunding starts at $100.

The Lapdock is a stable $100 Lapdock that can survive years of heavy usage, while users can upgrade the CPU, Memory, Connectivity, and other features by simply upgrading their Smartphone (which many people do every year or two anyway), or to be powered by an internal or external USB Type-C Stick (which has a fully functional PCB with CPU, Memory, etc but everything from Data, to Power and to Display running through the USB Type-C Port) or powered by a Development Board that feature some latest processor, memory, connectivity, ports and etc.

With at least $100K in orders. we can ship the Lapdock worldwide. If we don't reach that minimum goal, all backers will be refunded and thus you don't pay anything so don't worry.

At $100, this is almost a no-brainer to back, so.... why haven't more people got onboard? What about you?

Source / Credit: Indiegogo