The light-speed walkthrough - Windows 10 on ARM on a 950 XL...

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Last week, I posted about progress in the project to get Windows 10 'on ARM' installable on the Lumia 950 XL, though emphasising how incredibly hard and pointless the idea was at the moment. This week, there's a video in English walking anyone through the process, embedded below. And yes, it's still incredibly hard and pointless, with the only good news being that Wifi now works in the builds. There's apparently no cellular comms or cable charging though, so I'd advise waiting a few more months. And even then only experiment like this on a spare device - do NOT touch this with a bargepole if you rely on your Lumia!

Here's the video, anyway. If it seems to rocket along at light speed then it's not just you - I got a bit lost too!

In summary, if you're willing to sacrifice a device, if you have a few tens of hours of free time, and if you have a lot of geek skills in terms of computer flashing and hacking then maybe, just maybe this is worth thinking about, just for kicks.

The rest of us? The Lumia 950 XL works way, way better under Windows 10 Mobile! 

I'll keep an eye on this project, of course, and let you know if things get any further. 

Source / Credit: Youtube