Escape The Box UWP is a new physics puzzler

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Physics puzzlers remain popular, from the first days of Angry Birds a decade ago to every possible combination of balls, gravity, obstacles, and so on today. Escape The Box is a new UWP game for Desktop, hybrid and Windows 10 Mobile and is well worth a look.

From the Store description:

Escape the Box》is a very interesting puzzle game, not only fun, but also a certain degree of difficulty, so you can not help but love it.

In the game, you can control a ball, avoid obstacles, and finally win the game...

  1. Use your ability to allow the ball to reach the next hurdle through obstacles.
  2. Multiple levels, so that you can enjoy the entertainment.

Here's the game in action on my Lumia 950 XL, though (curiously) the sound didn't work. A bug? Or a lack of testing under Windows 10 Mobile?


The animated home screen - curiously, the audio was broken on my test phone. Probably just a glitch at my end. Your comments welcome.


In a typical level, you rotate the box and your ball follows the laws of gravity. Keeping you away from the lethal spinners are skill and tricks, in this case using the 'freezing' toggle to freeze the ball in place while you (e.g.) invert the box and then unfreeze the ball later so that gravity works in your favour and not against you.


Switches open and close platform segments, move your target end zone, and more....

There's lots to explore here and it's a good time waster on journeys. You can grab this in the Store here. It's ad-supported.

(Discovered through MyAppFree)

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