Asphalt Street Storm Racing UWP is freemium (and driving) on rails...

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This UWP game for Windows 10 (including Mobile) came out in 2017, but seems to have slipped our radar. Which is a shame, as it's very polished indeed. With the obvious caveat that it's about 'drag' racing, so everything's - literally - on rails in terms of gameplay, as you only ever travel in a straight line. Plus the freemium is also linear and fairly over the top, this being a Gameloft title (those masters of restraint...!)

From the Store description:

Drive your best turbo-charged Supercar across the world’s most glamorous and popular cities in high-speed drag races. Raise the stakes, show your muscle, and then smash your way through rain, snowstorms or scorching heat, betting pink slips to win your rivals’ cars on amazing 3D streets. Looking for real quick multiplayer fun? How about live 1 vs. 3 PvP free-for-all races? The harder the race, the greater the triumph!

  • THE CAR COLLECTION OF YOUR DREAMS Collect, customize and race full-power autos you've owned or the best speed machines you need to drive, ranging from classic muscle cars to new turbo Supercars. All licensed! Does that get your motor running?
  • BETTING TO WIN! Whether you bet small on each street run or need to study your opponents before betting pink slips, this is the most fun and intense quarter-mile of drag racing you’ve ever seen. Bets are available in single-player and multiplayer PvP battles.
  • 4-PLAYER DRAG RACES Quick shift from single-player to multiplayer races fast for the live thrills and fun of challenging the world’s top driving opponents! Take part in cool races vs. 3 other players in real-time PvP clashes where only one can win, and the others will burn out in defeat.
  • MIND THE WEATHER You never know when a drag race will throw a new twist, like a blizzard, rainstorm or burning heat on the street. Each weather simulator can have a real effect on your and your rival racers’ driving. So don't lose your grip and nitro your auto over the finish line!
  • RACE AROUND THE WORLD IN THE MOST STYLISH LOCATIONS Try not to be distracted by the top-quality 3D HD environments when you need to pop a nitro canister in 3 of the world’s top cities for speed: New York, Paris and Hong Kong.
  • MAKE YOUR AUTO UNIQUE! Going for a new look? Need some quick muscle upgrades? Then feel free to browse through numerous options to customize and power up your torque, nitro or engine power. Show your racer rivals real style with fun decals, and maximize your multiplayer performance with turbo speed, motor superchargers, nitro and much more.
  • OUTSTANDING GRAPHICS Feast your eyes on the cool 3D visuals and natural light simulator. Console-level HD graphics are a classic mark of what we do!

Within the drag racing game mechanic (so timing of launch and gear changes is everything) and straight line action, the graphics are indeed very well done - this is an enjoyable freemium romp, though as ever, stay away from the ultra greedy freemium options and multiple confusing in-game currencies...

Here's Asphalt Street Storm Racing UWP in action:


This is a 1.6GB game - so the initial install isn't quick, neither are the loading times. But the graphics are genuinely very good, so knock yourself out if you have a good connection/Wi-fi!


Starting with a humble Ford Focus(!), the idea is that you build up and up to better and more expensive cars that accelerate faster...


Multi-player mode, possibly the biggest single USP of the game, is locked away until you've got into the game properly. Which is fair enough, you'll need a dozen races to really master the timing controls anyway...


Speaking of which... it's 'Launch', plus a throttle pedal and (overlaid after launch and shown below) an 'upshift' gearbox switch...


'Perfectly shifting' my way to another win in the Focus!! As usual with freemium, the early races are way too easy and then things get hard enough to require in-app payments....


The developers have really scraped the bottom of the barrel in terms of what you can upgrade about your cars, in a bid for more IAPs for in-game currency. N2O bottles I can understand (just about), but 'Solenoid'? And (on the previous pane, not shown) there's 'Alternator'. Exactly how does upgrading your alternator or solenoid help you win a drag race? 

You can grab this in the Store. It's what you expect from a Gameloft freemium title, but worth featuring here for the graphics and for the fact that it still runs well under Windows 10 Mobile in 2019...

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