Clipboard Cleaner UWP - keeping secrets secret?

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This sounds like something of a trivial utility for Windows 10 (including Mobile) and it is - there's essentially only one function. But it's an important one - if you, like me, often copy sensitive information via the system clipboard then whatever you last copied (e.g. a password) is left in the cliboard when you're done. Ready to be pasted in by accident into another app or text field at a later date. Oops. This utility, as it sounds, clears the contents and gives you a fresh start.

Now, admittedly, you could just copy something else trivial into the clipboard and this should, in theory, do much the same thing. Buy hey, a new UWP app is worth noting, at least!

From the Store description:

Clipboard Cleaner is a simple tool, that helps you to remove copied data from the device clipboard. Have you ever copied safety sensitive data (e.g. passwords) and wondered how to remove them from the clipboard again? Well, now you can, with just a single tap using Clipboard Cleaner.

* * * [PREMIUM] * * * You can clean the clipboard directly from the start screen with "Instant Clean". Configurable behavior to suite your needs as best. 

Some screens of this in action:


One tap and the clipboard is cleared out - nice!


There's more here than you might think. In addition to a nice UI, there's one-tap live tile action, for example. Though a 0.79p in app purchase is needed to go 'premium' for this. Hey, why not?

You can grab this in the Store here. Nicely done, ZYL Apps!

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