Unofficial Spotify player (Web wrapper) UWP - is (almost) brilliant

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Spotify's official Windows Phone 8.1 application still works - but it's limited, it's not UWP and it's not designed for Windows 10. And, in a way, neither is this unofficial UWP application, because it piggybacks on the web gateway that's used in Spotify's official web player, so it's part Windows 10 and part Web! The good news is that it's fantastic. The bad news is that the hybrid nature can sometimes cause hiccups and instability. Still, well - well - worth a try, especially as it's free!

Well, 'free' as in the UWP app is free, but of course - depending on your needs - you may need a commercial Spotify subscription. I have, and so everything was available - I'm guessing that if you're interested in this title then you have a subscription too?

From the Store description:

Open source unofficial client for Spotify created to bring features that are absent in official mobile app, for example Spotify Connect or daily mixes. This app is based on Spotify Web Player with modified layout for better touch experience, that means it needs internet access and doesn't work in offline mode.

Features compared to native mobile Spotify app:

• Daily mixes

• Podcasts

• Spotify Connect

• Faster resuming

• Partial radio support

• No offline playback

• Standard audio quality

Here's 'Unofficial Spotify player (Web wrapper)' UWP in action:


Logging in, the screen is identical to in Edge, but then where the Spotify web site wants to throw you to the old 8.1 application, this new UWP takes you through to a reskinned Spotify Web Player...


There are all the usual Spotify playlists and discoverability features, with an intuitive player interface.


As of this month, Spotify includes podcasts too - here's PSC!! (right) browsing some of the mood playlist options. 'Cinematic Chillout' sounds good!


Browsing my Spotify 'library' and (right) working my way through an album... This all on my IDOL 4 Pro, by the way, so top audio quality, even if it's not quite Spotify's highest.


As you'd expect this UWP app interfaces properly with Windows 10's media controls... Oh and that Lily James... Go watch/listen!!

There are some glitches, as I mentioned - occasions where I couldn't bring up '...' mini-menus, and playback not working and having to restart the application. Hopefully these can be fixed in updates.

You can grab this for free in the Store here. Comments welcome - how stable is it for you?

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