Lumia 1020 vs Nokia 9 PureView battle, to Gran Vals

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There's an interesting mini-battle, set to Nokia's full 'tune', over on YouTube, pitching the original Nokia PureView champion (ok, so the 808 was first, but it didn't have OIS...) against the 'new' Nokia PureView contender, the '9', featured here by me on AAWP already. And set to the 'Nokia Tune'!

As usual, you'll want to maximise or click through as needed:

Nothing we didn't already know, of course - the six years' newer sensor set produces higher dynamic range and sharper (perhaps too sharp) detail, while the Lumia 1020 competes well for such a relatively archaic piece of electronics!

Of note is that low light shots on the '9' here are better than in my tests. Maybe the videographer here had it on a tripod (likely), maybe extra software updates have been issued by HMD. And note that RAW files were used and tidied up for some of the comparisons.

PS. Watch this space for my own Lumia 1020 vs the real new PureView champion, the Huawei P30 Pro....!

Source / Credit: Youtube