Random Tool UWP is not as rude as it sounds!

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This is actually a rather nice little utility that can provide random results for just about anything you might need in daily life. From dice to decisions! With a rather nice tie in to text-to-speech, to announce results with the phone's speaker - which works very well in family games, lest there be accusations of cheating!

From the Store description:

Random Tool is the ultimate randomizer for whenever you need to make a choice of any kind. Designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind, Random Tool allows you to make life choices, shuffle lists, select winners and more.

Additionally it features text-to-speech functionality to make it even more useful in a group setting.

Here's the accurate but slightly insultingly named(!) app in action:


Starting with random numbers, both decimal (if needed) and integers over any range. Nicely done.


A hamburger menu shows what's available. Here I'm 'picking a winner' from a list of four names. Hey Rafe, come and pick a prize!!


Heads or tails (and dice rolling) in action - notice the 'Say it loud' option, every result can be spoken, so that everyone in the room hears it at the same time. Very nice.

This is a free download in the Store, with IAPs to remove the ads and have permanent text-to-speech, but there's an offer on to combine both for $1/£0.79, which seems a good micro-purchase. Do it!

(Discovered through MyAppFree)

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