The Lumia 1020's zoom successor? Well maybe...

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After my feature comparing imaging between the classic Lumia 1020 and new Huawei P30 Pro, effectively the 1020's spiritual successor, I've done a video looking especially at zoom, comparing results from the P30 Pro and the part-camera, part-phone Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, which I thought might be of interest, embedded below.

As usual, click through for maximum quality, as needed.

There's also my original video review of the P30 Pro, which also featured the Lumia 1020, embedded below.

I do think that Huawei has work to do on its algorithms before I can declare it 'the phone every 1020 fan should aspire to' - but it's in the right ballpark. More tweaking by Eero Salmelin and colleagues, please, Huawei!

Along these lines, a major update is apparently rolling out for the P30 Pro. So maybe a re-test is in order over the summer? Perhaps including video from the 1020, as I did in the first video above for the K Zoom, etc?

Source / Credit: Youtube