File Cards UWP is polished, expensive and... largely unneeded

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In fairness, I'm looking (briefly) at File Cards UWP here on a phone screen, while it's optimised for something larger. But then when you get into Windows 10 Desktop, you've got File Explorer itself, first party, integrated deeply into the OS and super optimised. Or File Explorer UWP, in the Store, and also first party. So you'd really, truly have to hate one of these two options to look further. But File Cards is a valid option, as long as your folder trees aren't too massive.

From the Store description:

The file manager suite redesigned from the ground up to get the maximum value of modern devices with touch input whether it is a touch screen of Microsoft Surface or even a laptop touchpad. Use cards, zoomed out view and workspaces to navigate your huge collection of files and folders as easy you would navigate Google maps. 

Instead of watching just one folder in Windows File explorer or two folders in 'Commander' apps, add as many cards as you wish and see your device at a glance. Create your own workspaces as a group of logically connected cards/folders to easily switch between various segments of your data. Searching through the workspace with File Cards tools (where you may enable to see items contained in all subfolders, or filter all the cards by the file type) is the quickest and most intuitive way to find the files as you organize data in the app exactly the way you think about them.

The app brings state of the art multiple windows management with ability to drag a card to rearrange its position in the current window, to move it to another window, or to create a new window.

All classic file and folder operations like delete, cut, copy and paste, opening of folders and files, creation of compressed files (.zip, .gzip, .tar) and their extraction (.zip, .7z, .rar, .gzip, .tar) are reinvented and refreshed. Reminders will help you not to forget to complete your tasks, even if the app is not opened and the live tile will remind you on the pending work. Find all duplicates in a workspace. Smart rename for multiple items - rename one and all the selected items will be updated. 

Which is all very well and clever, though I couldn't find the compressed file creation under Windows 10 Mobile - maybe it's only on Windows 10 Desktop?

Anyway, some screens of File Cards in action under Windows 10 Mobile - note that you need to use it in landscape for best file management effect - instantly ruling it out for many users, since then Windows 10's own controls are less intuitive.


Some help when you start File Cards, explaining the interface well... (right) exploring the great many Settings, including syncing your choices through your Microsoft account to other devices, which is cool...


Dragging and dropping a file from one card (/folder) to another...


There's a lot of polish in the UI here, with options aplenty, even though you can't really take advantage of everything on a small phone screen.


There's growing and good hypertext help in the cloud, linked from the menus; (right) searching for text fragments in file names.

You can grab this as a free trial here in the Store. It's £8 to buy outright though, so it would have to be a good fit for your use case, I think. Too much for phone use, not optimised or different enough on the desktop? It's a tough tight rope for File Cards UWP's developer to walk!

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