Mini-review: My Webcam

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From the developer who brought us Monument Browser UWP, here's another little utility that may be of interest to many. My Webcam, as it sounds, gives access to your Lumia's camera via a standard URL, for viewing anywhere in any browser. Perhaps turning an old Lumia into a make shift child monitor or security camera? Well, maybe that's too ambitious, since power requrements would probably kill any serious project. But fun to play around with.

From the Store description:

My Webcam is an amazing app to make your Windows Device a full capable remote wireless ip web camera for your local network, capture remote Pictures and saves it to your camera roll folder with a simple web interface that shows a live camera video. Adjust resolution, image quality and FPS manually which means that the program will work with every windows device with low ram memory usage. 

It works too, amazingly, with caveats. The use of a phone as a webcam is fraught with practical issues (power, mounting) but here's screenshot proof that the system works.


The stream, grabbed in Chrome on my Surface Pro, see the URL in the top bar. Note a few things: the video is 'flipped' via default, but you can flip it back in Settings, below, according to whether you want a 'mirror' view or an first person view. Note also the low video resolution captured here, but the bandwidth is automatic and it went higher after this screen-grab.


Either camera can be used, plus there's a choice of capture resolutions. It's not clear how video and stills capture works via a remote browser session though. Maybe the key is the PS. below, if the developer would like to get that working!

This is here in the Store, with both a commercial purchase (£1.70 or so, on offer at the moment) and a 7 day trial version (with ads). Set up is trivial under Windows 10 Mobile, though see the Store description for notes under Windows Phone 8.1.

PS. Note that the developer also makes the Windows app Air Camera, which claims to work with My Webcam - except that it didn't after many attempts here. Your mileage may vary!

PPS. This only seems to work with Lumias - no dice on my IDOL 4 Pro, for example.

Source / Credit: Store