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It's a fair cop. Unlike with the usual application update stories here on AAWP, I have no changelog to share/quote here. In fact, I haven't the faintest idea what's changed in any of the four (count 'em) updates for Likebook UWP in the Microsoft Store over the last month. But I have noted that Facebook has been messing around with its '' site view recently and the latter fails to load for me under Windows 10 Mobile. So presumably Likebook UWP, which uses this site view as its source, has had to tweak its 'scraping' techniques accordingly. 

Whatever, the net result is that Facebook as a social network is still eminently accessible, especially so in the light of the withdrawal of the official applications. Here it's functional and fluid and AMOLED-friendly when needed. So well done to Likebook's developer, though I do wish he'd drop AAWP a line to share what's different/fixed between versions!

By way of illustration, here's 'Likebook for Facebook' in action today on my Windows 10 Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro:


With dark theme turned on, 98% of content is indeed 'dark', though some panels escape. Still Likebook's getting these updates, so why wouldn't the theming improve further? Note also the way I've maxxed out the screen real estate by turning off the top status bar and bottom controls, you're left with just the horizontal '...' Here's my playing a classic Allo Allo clip inline. So funny!


Tapping this '...' menu brings up save and link copying options, plus useful Refresh, Top (of page), and Home controls; (right) the Settings pane is comprehensive - complete control over layout, even if Facebook doesn't want you to have it!


The 'mobile' web view of Messenger shows through too - useful to check you haven't been sent any messages, I guess. Though no one I know really uses Messenger, so it's hard to tell; (right) proving you can post content too, here adding three photos to a post, which you can find here.

You can grab this in the Store here.

PS. See also my overview of Facebook apps earlier in the year.

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