Mini-review: Town Building Games: Tropic City Construction Game UWP

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It's a new UWP game for all Windows 10 devices and... it's a) a bit cramped on Mobile, and b) outrageously greedy in its freemium in-app-purchases. Tropic City Construction does claim to be playable without purchases, which is why I'm giving it the time of day here, but I'm still going to draw attention to its various issues.

From the Store description:

Starting with simple houses that grow into huge skyscrapers and skylines, this game will test your management planning and organizational skills. Lay out parks, streets, entertainment, and employment areas. Don't forget to provide basic city services like electricity, sanitation, and police and fire protection. Your citizens will be thankful and more productive the happier you make them in their custom environment. 

Beautiful graphics are a key part of this exciting new "tap" game based on City Island 2. Lovely renderings of buildings, shops, and stadiums await you once you begin. The more you grow your city, the more decorative and detailed each building becomes. As you invest in amenities, your town city becomes more and more like the dream community you imagined and grows to become a real metropolis.

Be sure to keep your citizens happy, or you won't generate the revenues you need to build the city of your dreams. Much like in the real world, citizen satisfaction is key to success if you want to be a tycoon of this city builder. Different environments and dozens of different buildings will help drive that happiness. The more you play, the more secrets you will discover about your city and how it works.

Don't feel limited by real world design. There are thousands of options in how you want to build your city in this free offline construction game. You will be able to play both on and off line. Free to play, anyone can get started. Micropayments for special upgrades and building will be available, but not required.

Some screens of this in action on my Lumia 950:


The syncing message gives hope that progress would be maintained across devices - once you've signed in with a Facebook or Twitter ID, that is.


The game starts with the usual 'press this, press that' tutorial, leading you through the actions available - it's all very 'Sim City by the sea'.


As you build infrastructure and buildings, people start to move in and use the roads. You're encouraged to play this (and watch this) in real time by bonuses travelling around the roads - tap on these to collect.


You'll have noticed the three in-game currencies, here are the highest IAPs for the two main - cash and gold. I'm sorry, but even HAVING in-app-purchases of £53 each is a huge off-putter and a sign that the game is more 'cash in quick' than a serious sim title. Freemium greed begone!

All a little too unoptimised and too freemium-greedy for a recommendation, but hey, it's kind of fun to play with for a while and might catch your imagination. Especially, perhaps, on a larger screen than a phone!

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