Windows 10 gets multi-item clipboard... at last

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OK, nothing to do with Mobile, but very definitely to do with Windows 10, I couldn't resist a link of interest to this Microsoft 'tip', a fabulous feature which had escaped my notice until someone at Microsoft actually mentioned it in a blog post. I mentioned the Windows 10 May 2019 update roll out before, but the new post goes into the detail below:

From the post:

Thanks to the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, you’ll find that your Clipboard can do more.

Hold down the Windows key + V to check it out. You’ll find a history of the past 25 things you’ve copied, including URLs, text from web pages and docs – and even screenshots.

Wait, what? I'd been looking for third party utilities to handle multi-clipboard duties for years - and now Windows 10 itself will do this! What a great tip. As shown above, you do have to turn a couple of toggles on in Settings, but once done then you're all set.

I tried it out and it worked brilliantly, Windows key + v brought up all my test clipboard items perfectly, for immediate pasting:


I realise that, as a writer, I'm more geared towards clipboard aids than most, but a multi-item clipboard is a huge boon on any OS. Win+v now has me sorted on my Surface Pro - anyone know of a multi-clipboard hack on Windows 10 Mobile? Comments welcome!

Source / Credit: Microsoft