Mini-review: DSLR Camera Photo Effect UWP

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What's this? A utility that claims to produce artily bokeh-ed DSLR-like photos from your phone-shot originals? It doesn't really achieve what it claims, at least according to the title, but hey, it's an interesting attempt at a blur-centric photo utility.

From the Store description:

Create amazing blur background effect photos like a Professional DSLR Camera by simply selecting focus area.

DSLR Camera Blur Effects is fast and easy to use app to create amazing blur background effect pictures on the go. Just select the picture from your gallery or capture new picture from camera and apply blur background effect with the help of multiple blurring tool and get prefect result every time.

DSLR Camera Blur Backround Photo editor app is your ultimate Blur effect app. Now, you don't need a DSLR camera or you don't need be a professional photographer to make a DSLR Style Blur Background effect on your Photo. 

DSLR Camera Blur Effects provides multiple blur tools like:

  • Circular Blur
  • To create Focus on circular area(Adjustable Radius and Position)
  • Line Blur
  • To create Focus on linear area(Adjustable Size, Position and Rotation)
  • Point Blur
  • To create Blur on finger touch area(Adjustable Brush Size and with Undo, Redo)

DSLR Camera Blur Effects also provides multiple blur Style like: 

  • Motion Blur
  • Gaussian Blur
  • Line Blur

And so to trying out some of this hyperbole, rather hampered by a very unforgiving interface that has no 'undo' function, so you have to keep going back to the photo picker and starting again. And again. 

Here's DSLR Camera Photo Effect UWP in action on my IDOL 4 Pro:


A simple, perhaps too simple(!) front end, but essentially you take a photo, pick one, or review past blurred attempts; (right) slightly confusingly, you're forced to step through this crop/rotate screen for every photo attempted!


Playing with one of the blur options, multi-touch enabled, though unless you're photographing something that's very circular or very linear, it's going to be tough to mimic optical bokeh from a crude selection system like this; (right) every photo ends up with a watermark, though if you like one of your creations enough to share it then you can tap on 'Remove watermark'...


... this kicks off the watching of a 15 second video ad, after which the watermark is removed for this photo only.


More playing in the UI - the effects are arty and well done, but as I say, not remotely realistic - so it depends what you want; (right) trying the line (tilt shift?) effect/selection. 

You can grab this in the Store here, it's free to use (with the ad watching caveat, for your time!) and there's plenty to play with. Just forgive the interstitial ads, which grate a little. Developer, if you're reading this, make the ads and watermark  removeable with an in-app-purchase!

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