Mini-review: Keeper Password Manager & Secure Vault UWP

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This is a cross-platform UWP application that looks very slick and polished. Keeper is a server-synced password manager and even doubles up as a secure vault for media content, should that be something you want to keep from prying eyes. It's fully Windows Hello enabled and has an elegant folder structure for the super-organised. Here's a quick review...

From the Store description:

  • Organize and access your passwords and private information
  • Sync seamlessly across all your Smartphones, Tablets and Computers
  • Create strong passwords with Keeper's instant password generator
  • Auto-fill and remember new passwords for all your websites
  • Share records with business teams, work groups and family members
  • Our secure file storage feature allows you to store confidential files, photos, videos and other documents in your Keeper vault

We've seen this sort of thing before, of course, though Keeper has had a lot of TLC lavished on it, cosmetically. The UI works just fine on Mobile, even though it's perhaps best on the Desktop, with a larger multi-pane layout.

Here's Keeper in action on my IDOL 4 Pro:


Getting started with Keeper - stylish and helpful dialogs lead you through the sign-up (for the month long trial)...


The main hamburger navigation menu - curiously bright despite the overall chosen dark theme! (right) I liked the way folders can be assigned a custom colour, though this colour is hardly used thereafter in the UI. Which is odd.


Creating a new secure record and (right) looking at the overview of my test 'data vault', with three folders of records, plus two top level records.


The Settings menu, with handy clipboard expiration, so that you don't accidentally paste a password into another application later on; (right) some of the themes available. Maybe I should have tried a light theme, to see if the hamburger menu turns dark?(!!)


The sync system is a bit confusing. Each record is synced with the cloud in real time, but presumably this extra sync involves some 'push' to other devices. Adding to the confusion, the '>' isn't a control leading to other settings and, in fact, does nothing at all. Hmm.... (right) Good to see Windows Hello supported - and it does work, a tap on a fingerprint reader or a scan of irises and you're into Keeper. Though see comment below on speed!

See also the Desktop promo screenshot below:


In terms of my limited testing, I couldn't see a way to import data from other secure databases, plus I didn't like the constant delays as each entry change seemed to go up to the cloud, along with a 'toast' notification (and no way to turn this off, that I could see). Plus the app takes a good eleven seconds to open after logging in (via PIN or fingerprint). So maybe not for me, then.

You can grab this in the Store here. It's a trial version, which is good, but it's quite expensive after the trial, at £19 or so per year. However, if you love the application and use it on all devices and all your platforms for your personal and secret information and media, then... why not? Data points welcome if you've tried (or use) this.

(Discovered through MyAppFree)

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