Myriam Joire and Steve Litchfield talk phone imaging

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With phone imaging being so popular on AAS and AAWP, I thought the latest episode of Myriam Joire's Mobile Tech Podcast might be of direct interest. In it (recorded a month ago), she and I chat about phone imaging past and present. If you want to play a drinking game, take a sip every time I mention 'PureView', a bigger sip every time I mention the Nokia 808, and a gulp every time I name drop the Lumia 1020(!) You see all of this is directly relevant to where camera phones are today and where they're heading.

From the podcast notes:

It’s time for episode 125 of the Mobile Tech Podcast with guest Steve Litchfield of Android Beat — brought to you by Audible. Today’s show is all about cameraphones and the current state of mobile imaging — from Google’s amazing Pixel 3 series to Huawei’s outstanding P30 Pro. We explore what makes a modern cameraphone, including large sensors (OnePlus 7 Pro), multi-lens systems (Nokia 9 PureView), and the computational photography that makes it all possible. We also look at Samsung’s latest camera efforts, culminating with the Galaxy Note 10/10+.

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950, 1020, 808 and Pixel

Source / Credit: Mobile Tech Podcast