News Live Tiles UWP adds feeds to your Start screen

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Seemingly available for both Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile (and PCs), News Live Tiles isn't unique - we've seen several other utilities overs the years with the same idea - to take RSS feeds and deliver their content to live tiles on your Start screen. This one's slightly simplistic in that it doesn't (or perhaps no longer) grab images from feeds, so it's text only, plus the actual 'pinning' stage takes way longer than it should. But it does work and is worth a mention here.

From the Store description:

Are you also missing a live tile for your favorite news site? With News Live Tiles you can easily create them yourselves within seconds! The live tiles will update automatically with the latest news from the site.

  • Notifications and live tile updates for new news items
  • Support for almost all news sites
  • Find the settings of your favorite site via the search function
  • Pin sites from in the sample collection for free; for other sites an in-app purchase is required
  • Universal app (Windows and Windows Phone versions): the in-app purchase is valid for both, and your collection is synced between both

Some screens of this in action:


The default update time is every 30 minutes, but this can go up to every 12 hours of needed; (right) the default news RSS collection is helpful, though images seem all missing - something broken somewhere in the app?


And so into one of the feeds, showing the RSS/XML used and (right) adding a new feed - AAWP! And with a logo, so Rafe must have implemented this right!


Actually pinning a feed takes a minute - it should surely be far faster, I wonder what the hold up is? (right) It all works though, see the three example feeds turned into live tiles here (at the bottom). You can resize the tiles, but you still don't get graphics, no matter what the Settings say...!

News Live Tiles is a free download in the Store, with a £1 in-app-purchase letting you add new feeds beyond the examples.

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