Using a Windows phone in 2019

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It's always fun to look sideways - or even back - at technology and the impending support deadline for Windows 10 Mobile is causing plenty of tech folk to look, somewhat nostalgically, at phones like the Lumia 950 XL, see the video below as an example. The assessment here is objective and worth watching, though do see some comments from me at the bottom!

Here's the video then, click through if you want a larger playback window as usual:

Interesting perspectives and a fair analysis, especially from someone so young. I did have two comments though:

  • Coming to the Lumia 950 expecting the camera to not be very good does show that the presenter doesn't have much back-history with Nokia or its imaging heritage(!)
  • Dismissing the third party YouTube UWP applications as 'absolute garbage' is preposterous though - myTube!, Perfect Tube, Awesome Tube, etc. are all pretty darned good - and they don't bombard you with YouTube ads. Just saying...!!

Source / Credit: Youtube