GNews - Google News Reader UWP gets story and search saving, plus zap the ads!

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Exactly a year ago, I reviewed 'GNews - Google News Reader UWP', proclaiming it a top notch way to see international and local news, with one caveat - the inline adverts drove me mad. Happily, the developer listened and you can now pay a paltry 0.79p (or local equivalent) to zap them. Hooray. Plus the developer has shoehorned in two completely new functions, as detailed below.

Since my initial review, the changelog for v1.6.0 is short but significant:

  • Save stories
  • Save search queries
  • Remove Ads

As ever, here are some screens of all this in action:


The opening screen - it's Google News, but in themed and packaged form for Windows 10!


A typical story page, framed from the original news URL (hence white theme here); (right) the inline ads in the main listings can now be removed with a 79p purchase, though it can't - of course - zap ads in the source story pages, which will vary hugely.


Searches can now be saved (see the control in the toolbar, bottom), and then recalled later. Ditto favourite/'saved' news stories. Two very useful new features, I think you'll agree.

You can grab GNews - Google News Reader UWP in the Store here. Grab it, zap the ads, and enjoy your new news reader.

Source / Credit: Download in the Store