All About the Surface Duo - an hour of good audio chat!

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I've never been afraid of linking to competitor sites and WC's Daniel Rubino and Zac Bowden just spent an HOUR in their latest podcast talking about the Surface Duo. It's all good stuff, going in great detail on why the Duo might arrive early, the challenges Microsoft faced in getting it to market at all, and why those bezels are so big... Fascinating insights and, in the absence of an AAWP podcast on the subject, why not dip into WC's instead?

Surface Duo

You can listen to the podcast here:

Although I think Daniel and Zac only intended to talk about the Surface Duo for about 15 minutes, somehow this got extended to 45 and then to an hour, as they kept coming back to it! It's a good backgrounder on the Duo's history and future. Well worth a listen.

Source / Credit: WC