That Galaxy S20 - the final (video) verdict

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Having now done my extensive Lumia 950 / Galaxy S20 head to head plus a big imaging comparison, let me wrap up coverage of this year's important Samsung release by saying you might not want to budget for it at all. From poor fingerprint sensor to disappointing imaging to missing audio jack, the S20 is a world of hurt for many people. See below for my official Phones Show video review!

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From my verdict:

As someone who still owns - and loves - a Galaxy S9+, who used an S10 for a while and a Note 9 for four months, the S20 is... underwhelming. It’s very much an iteration on what’s come before - and it comes at the cost of numerous omissions. Compared to the S9/Note9 series, you’re missing that much loved audio jack, you’re missing fast capacitive fingerprint scanning, you’re missing heart and blood sensors, you’re missing iris scanning. Compared to the S10, you’re missing that jack and you’re missing a real telephoto camera.

Are the undoubted improvements in battery, in screen size and refresh rate, all worth it, including the acquisition cost? If you already have an S9 or above then no, save your money, your existing smartphone will still serve you well for a couple of years.

So what's next on the Android scene in terms of a smartphone that's worth switching to (and paying for)? I have a good feeling about Google's upcoming Pixel 4a/XL - I'll be getting this in too, for comparisons, when it launches in May. Watch this space!


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