Yet more official Surface Duo teases

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Following my news story two weeks ago rounding up all the official 'teases' of the Surface Duo by Microsoft executives, we now have a new batch. At this point, even the most hardened Surface Duo (Surface Phone) fans on social media are saying 'Yeah, yeah, get on with it, just let us buy the thing'. Anyway, for what it's worth, here are the new tease photos in the hands of Microsoft top staff. Are they all really using this as their main smartphone or is all this just marketing and posturing?

MS marketing chief Chris Capossela, showing off a Teams call in progress on the Duo while doing sneaky gaming on his XBox:

While MS exec Jeff Teper posted:

Then we have Frank Shaw:

So decent internal/main camera perhaps, for video calls at least, OneDrive support for dual screens (as expected), and the undoubted advantage of a fully 'closed' form factor when not being used, in order to be as robust as possible. It's all looking quite tempting though a) we still don't know for sure about NFC and Google Pay support, and b) we still don't know the price, which could be a sensible $700/£700 or an outrageous $1300/£1300. Or anything in between!

And finally a candid shot of Panos Panay himself at home with his Duo, hopefully not shot on another Duo as it's not a very good photo - my guess is his wife's iPhone with a dirty camera glass(!):

Duo and Panay

Any more sightings I should know about? Comments welcome.