Taking over from the Lumia 950: what Apple did right in iPhone 11 Pro imaging

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A year ago, I proved here that the (then) new iPhone 11 Pro had a camera system that beat the Lumia 950 series once and for all - and now I bring you a chatty video  explaining how it did this. Factory-aligned multiple cameras, a lossless 4x zoom range, Lumia-esque UI nods and features, it's all demonstrated with examples below.

As usual with video material, make sure you enlarge/click through to YouTube to see it at full resolution and quality:

You'll have spotted the Lumia nods, of course. 'Reframe later', Lumia-esque circular controls (though used here for zoom), great night results without needing a special night mode. It also occurs to me that OIS is now so ubiquitous that I didn't even mention it in the video. 

Despite the Google Pixel 5 launch being imminent, I don't think it can get close to the triple-bonded camera system in the iPhone 11 Pro. Let alone the new periscope systems, as detailed in the video. In fact, the only phone camera that will trump the iPhone 11 Pro in the near future will be... the iPhone 12 Pro. Though I don't believe it will be another step change upwards, so consider them on par as of now...

Source / Credit: YouTube