Bold and impressive, but not intended to be repaired... even by Microsoft!

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I love teardowns like this - you get a glimpse into the inner working of products in gory detail - how they were made, how intricately they were designed, and... how easy (or otherwise) they are to repair. In this case, iFixit tear down the Surface Duo and pronounce it 'bold and impressive', even simple in implementation - but there has apparently been no thought put into repairability, with tons of glue and sticky plastic holding the batteries and displays in place. Concluding with the comment "As with prior first-generation Microsoft portables, the thin, premium, category-creating Duo is not something meant to be repaired, maybe not even by Microsoft."

In fairness, iFixit does point out that Surface devices get more repairable with each generation, plus I'd point out that many flagship smartphones of 2020 are equally as hard to get into. But still, such lack of repairability is worth noting. As usual with video embeds, click through and maximise quality and resolution for best results.

The wiring loom through the hinges was especially interesting - my experience of bending and twisting wires in folding designs has been mixed over the years. But in this case it looks like the batteries that will be the weak link, starting to degrade and swell a couple of years into the device's life in catastrophic, non-repairable fashion. But hey, anyone rich enough to buy the $1400 USA-only Duo in year one will almost certainly have traded it in after 12 months for the Duo 2 in 2021, so at least batteries won't be their problem!


Source / Credit: iFixit