Surface Duo (review) - the movie(!)

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Lisa Gade is from my generation and has a similar lifetime in the mobile world - so her opinions on the Surface Duo are worth noting. See the videos below, though you'll need a cup or bottle of something to keep you company as we're talking well over half an hour spread across the two shows. In summary, she confirms what a lot of people have been saying, that this is a well made 'version 1' product and the one most people will want is version 2 in 2021, with more RAM, a faster chipset, NFC, and a truckload more software fixes.

As usual with videos here, if you want a larger frame and higher quality then click through to YouTube, as needed:

Good stuff and well balanced. There's also a companion video from Lisa comparing the Duo to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which has lots more good footage. From the description for this comparison:

Lisa Gade compares the two most ambitious and interesting phones of 2020, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G phone that unfolds into a tablet and the dual screen Microsoft Surface Duo with 360 degree hinges. Both Android phones change the way you use a phone, in very different yet sometimes similar ways.

And I should re-iterate that this is still a USA-only product, so there's no easy way for me to get hold of it for review. (Unless one of you has imported it and is happy to lend it for a week?)

Source / Credit: YouTube