Bing becomes 'Microsoft Bing'

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'Bing' was never a great name for a search engine in the first place - and adding 'Microsoft' in front of it doesn't help much. But the search engine and information 'front page' is actually pretty good and used by many companies and other services, so don't write it off completely. And of course it's integrated by default in the Edge browser on mobile and Windows 10 desktops.

You can read more here at Microsoft.


Note that the actual boxed content at the bottom (e.g. above) depends on how you have 'My Bing' (I know, I know...) configured. Click on the hamburger menu top right and follow your nose, etc.

One striking thing about the Bing, err.. I mean 'Microsoft Bing' home page (in contrast to the Google 'all white' approach) has always been the daily photos, which are just stunning. And happily you can get these (for your own person enjoyment) on your Windows 10 Mobile phone as a desktop (or for other uses).

Source / Credit: Microsoft