Microsoft Build 2021 virtual, on May 25-27

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One of the few advantages of the Covid-19 pandemic is that previously expensive industry events (usually involving plane travel across the world and over-priced hotels) can be seen by all, for free, from home. And this is true for the upcoming Microsoft Build 2021, where the latest platform developments are shown off, now confirmed to be May 25-27... online again. (In parallel, Microsoft has also pushed official re-opening dates for its physical campuses to September 2021.)

From the Microsoft Events page:


From Microsoft itself:

Microsoft Build is where developers, architects, start-ups, and students learn, connect and code together, sharing knowledge and expending their skillset, while exploring new ways of innovating for tomorrow.

The 'Learn more' page doesn't go to a specific landing page at the time of writing, but try the link again in a week or two and there should be a program of events available.

Source / Credit: Microsoft