Microsoft OneDrive for Android now supports Chromecast

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Microsoft's excellent OneDrive app for Android got a big update this week, adding Chromecast support. Essentially this means that any photos or videos, wither on your device or in the Microsoft OneDrive cloud can be (downloaded and) cast to Google's popular little smart TV devices. Pretty useful for showing off your latest snaps to the family, for example. Obviously, if the media was already on your phone then you'd use Google Photos, but if you're more of a Microsoft account person then all your OneDrive backups are a good online resource for accessing photos and videos that might not be on your phone. Wifi bandwidth permitting, of course.

I'll be investigating this in more detail in due course, but in the meantime here's what you'll see right now in the Microsoft OneDrive application for Android:


Note the Chromecast icon top right. When viewing an item, tapping this will bring up the 'Cast to' dialog and you can choose from nearby cast-compatible devices.

Good stuff. Subtleties like how the (perhaps considerable) data is shuffling around will have to wait for a full feature/tutorial.

You can find OneDrive in the Play Store here.