Sharp Aquos R6 includes a 1" camera sensor

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Just launched in Japan (so may never go worldwide, of course, but...) is the Sharp Aquos R6, whose claim to fame is a 1" camera sensor in the modern age. Back in 2012 we had the Nokia 808 PureView with a 1/1.2" (optical format) sensor, then the even more niche Panasonic CM-1 in 2014, with a full 1" sensor, but this is the first time we've got to the same physical size in the moden 'slimline' age. This is achieved though some thickening, for Z-depth, but also more advanced optics and clever compensation software.

Aquos R6

The news was broken to Western media on Twitter for me:

And delving further we have the keynote launch video, about half an hour long:

It's in Japanese, of course, so goodness knows what they're saying. If you're really keen then online auto-translation may help!

Some local media had a brief hands-on:

Good stuff, though I doubt this will raise phone imaging standards significantly. These days the sensor size is only part of a long chain of factors, including optics and multi-frame image processing. If this ever makes it to the Uk then I'll test it, of course!